VO Logistics

Clothing and Textile Transportation Logistics Services

Trucks Suitable For Transport Of Clothing, Textiles & Accessories

Textile goods and garments are susceptible to high humidity. After long exposure to humidity, different fabrics may be damaged and unsuitable for further use. Our trucks are equipped accordingly to ensure the optimal level of humidity for your specific cargo.Our team members will work with you to create a customized solution to deliver your goods to its destination on time with minimal delays and interruptions.

  • Clothing (including upper and children’s clothes);
  • Accessories (including handbags, suitcases, cases, briefcases, gloves, scarves, umbrellas, etc.);
  • Hosiery
  • Leather goods;
  • Textiles (including fabrics, fibres, yarn, etc.);
  • Underwear and linen;
  • Fittings (including zippers, clasps, buttons, etc.);
  • Carpets and rugs.