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Understanding The Differences Between Dispatching And Logistics

dispatching and logistics

Dispatch refers to the process of allocating trucks, labor, etc. for a particular task. This is the primary function of the shipping process. Logistics simply refers to the transportation process. In the logistics industry, dispatching and logistics are always linked together. This is because both of them are essential for a smooth transit. The dispatching process provides a head start, while the logistics complete the process. 

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Difference Between Dispatching And Shipping

The process of organizing, assigning, and optimizing routes and schedules comes under dispatch management. This process was mostly dependent on paperwork. But with recent improvements in technology, this process is now cloud driven. 

Basically, there are 2 types of dispatching

Centralized dispatching

This is a central warehouse-based system. There is the capability to have a complete view of the entire process line. Therefore, central control over different processes indicates centralized dispatching. 

Decentralized dispatching

This is a modern term. Since the different branches have different controls, there is no such central control. Therefore this method has more control over the processes. 

Logistics on the other hand completely depends on the packing and shipment of goods from one place to another. Stock control, warehousing, and monitoring the flow of goods come under the category of logistics management. 

Logistics controls the acquisition, transportation, and storage of resources. Apart from this, the management of logistics involves identifying buyers, and distributors effectively. They also focus on improving the effectiveness and accessibility of the process. 

Issues In Logistics And Dispatching

With the growing demand in the logistics industry, a number of issues are coming up in the logistics and dispatching process. They include – 

Time constraints

Customers expect swift deliveries. This means that the time available for delivery is very short. Therefore, it becomes essential for logistics companies to fulfill delivery schedules. 

Failure to provide updates to customers

This is one of the biggest challenges in the dispatching section. Since, failure to fulfill timely delivery schedules is not conveyed to the customer. Therefore, impacting the satisfaction level of the customer tremendously. 

Empty miles

This is a result of terrible planning. There are numerous situations when trucks move between warehouses without any loads. This leads to a massive loss of both time and fuel. 

Lack of automation

Whiteboard planning and calls between drivers and dispatchers are common. They are often time-consuming and do not even provide valuable conclusions. Errors are common when planning manually. 

Tips To Improve Dispatch

There are multiple ways to improve the dispatch process in the logistics industry. A few of them include – 

Real-time tracking 

Installing real-time GPS trackers helps in monitoring the live status of the trucks. This provides the customers with up-to-date status of products. Also, GPS trackers help in streamlining the operation and providing real-time information to drivers. 

Dynamic scheduling

Cancellations are effortlessly re-routed. The primary motive is avoiding delays and saving time. In the case of a breakdown, the dispatching is immediately transferred to another vehicle and driver. 


Automation helps in lowering the time spent by the company in planning administrative tasks. Errors are minimal because of very low human interference. 


VO Logistics provides the best services for dispatching and logistics. The company provides high-quality services to fulling customer expectations. 

Logistics services work as the backbone for economic development in any country. Therefore it becomes essential for the company to fulfill customer requirements. The dispatching team takes all efforts to make sure that the product leaves the warehouse on time. The logistics team further ensures the timely and safe delivery of the shipment.