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Frozen Meat

Frozen vs. Chilled Meat Transportation

VO Logistics’s Reefers Are Fully Equipped To Transport Your Chilled Or Frozen Meat Products With Refrigerated Vans, Ensuring Your Clients Will Get The Highest Quality Meat.

Transporting chilled meat products requires temperatures between zero and four degrees Celsius and is utilized when the meat is intended to be consumed within a few days of slaughter. Chilled meat is usually transported shorter distances in the region where its produced to ensure quality meat.

Since frozen meat has a longer shelf life and can travel longer distances, freezing temperatures below 18 degrees celsius are used to ensure no bacteria can grow. Meat that is intended to be shipped frozen must be frozen immediately after slaughter.
We specialize in transporting temperature-sensitive items like perishable goods, produce, frozen baked goods, alcoholic beverages, beverages, dairy products, frozen meat and pharmaceuticals.