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Furniture Logistics Solutions: How To Manage The Major Challenges

Furniture Logistics Solutions

The furniture delivery and sales process differ from those of smaller businesses, such as clothing and CPGs. Vendors may sort and ship large furniture pieces, including full bookcases and whole dining room sets. These enormous parts need a lot of storage space and the right kind of transportation. Damage to the furniture during the last mile of delivery can also result in higher responsibility fees.

When it comes to furniture stores, sellers look into a variety of furniture logistics solutions. Online retailers have the option of omitting the warehouse and sending orders directly to and from the manufacturer. Additionally, sellers may store and ship products by utilizing third-party fulfillment warehouse centers.

Sadly, the pandemic has made many of the logistical problems with shipping furniture worse. According to a recent study, 97% of manufacturing and logistics executives experienced a disruption in the supply chain as a result of the epidemic. Roughly 73% intend to make significant changes to the way they manage their supply chains. 

Challenges in Furniture Logistics

The challenges that impact furniture logistics are:

Increase in demand for online shopping

Due to retail closures caused by the epidemic, consumers might make more online purchases. As a result of merchants not planning for a pandemic, there are longer shipping delays and fewer shipping resources available.

Driver shortage

For many years, there has been a driver shortage in the transportation sector. Drivers who deliver furniture in addition to assembling it make this issue worse for furniture dealers. Sellers may extend delivery times due to a shortage of drivers and an increase in order volume.

Higher shipping and liability cost

The delivery of furniture usually includes other items as well. Packing additional products could result in damage because delivery vehicles’ shifting can cause boxes and crates. The vendors may also ship fewer pieces on each vehicle while adding more delivery routes due to the size and bulkiness of the furniture. Increased fuel and transportation expenses are a result of this issue.

Inventory management issue

Warehouse layouts can be challenging for retailers who are trying to accommodate as much inventory as possible. Using a direct manufacturer-to-consumer supply chain can disrupt production schedules due to space restrictions and warehouse location.

Best Possible Solutions

Increase warehousing and distribution center location

Increasing the number of distribution sites around clients’ homes helps cut down on the cost of delivering furniture. As drivers do not make long transportation hauls to reach clients, you may also shorten the time between deliveries. Working with a seasoned 3PL that provides distribution and storage services in these situations may give competitive pricing and inventory management solutions.

Invest in inventory management and logistical software

Technology makes logistic planning and sorting procedures in warehouses more efficient. The use of inventory management software will enable more efficient placement of items in warehouse zones and on delivery trucks. Sellers can also utilize artificial intelligence technologies to provide more efficient furniture logistics solutions

Effectively Manage Your Logistics With VO Logistics

At VO Logistics, we pride ourselves on providing the best furniture logistics solutions. We understand the challenges vendors experience while storing and transporting furniture to clients. We offer improved inventory management options, scalable storage, and distribution facilities, and dependable fulfillment center services. With this, our 3PL solutions contribute to the streamlining of the warehousing and delivery process. 

With our assistance, vendors may transport their furniture quickly, affordably, and on time. Call us right away!