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Top 10 logistics companies in USA

Logistics is rapidly growing. With the advancement of technology, the logistics process is becoming more powerful. Avoiding delays and fulfilling customer expectations have become top priorities. Without regular updates, these companies would not be able to perform as better.  

Logistics companies are in continuous competition for the top position. The top 10 logistics companies in USA are the ones that efficiently use the latest software. With the latest software, logistics companies have the ability to provide competitive rates as well as time schedules. 

VO Logistics is a bright example of one of the leading logistics companies. This is because of the timely updates in the software and the implementation of the latest technologies. With an energetic and enthusiastic team, the company takes every step to fulfill the expectations of each customer. 

Recently, the trend has been mostly focused on automation and other software-related tools. Let us take a look at the trending latest tools below. 


The process of automation is gaining importance after the COVID lockdowns. The labor shortage and increasing demand for products have added to the requirement for a better system. While planning an effective transport schedule, it is essential to take into consideration all the factors affecting transport. 

Automation can either be physical automation or process automation. The COVID Pandemic forced the swifter implementation of automation. Robotic systems for loading and unloading are gaining popularity. Digital floor markings, barcodes for scanning, and LED indications for pick-up and drop are all part of the automation. 

The automation process not only lowers the dependency on manpower but also minimizes the time taken in transit. This not only means fulfilling delivery schedules but also improving fuel and manpower efficiency. 


These terms are a result of the advancements in the field of IT. AI and ML are playing a very important role in the logistics industry. There is always a tremendous flow of data in the logistics sector. This software growth enables us to handle all such data with ease. Further analysis of past data shows trends that assist in planning future logistics. 

AI helps in lowering mistakes as well as assisting last-mile deliveries. The AI has the capability to analyze past data and provide trends. This helps in planning future trips and also automatically editing existing routes and schedules. 

AI and ML are one of the most powerful tools which have the ability to solve the most complex problems in logistics.  They are also used in the supply chain for the process of forecasting. This helps in optimizing the warehouses by differentiating the high-demand goods from the low-demand goods. 


This term is commonly associated with cryptocurrency. Blockchain is nothing but a digital ledger that provides transparency. However, there are applications of this technology that goes beyond this. This technology provides an option to track all orders. The security is high along with the transparent options for precise auditing.  

Blockchain technology helps in the smart contract. Smart contracts are useful in minimizing human errors, lower red tape, and automating the complete process. With no paperwork, this also helps in saving a few bucks on cost. 


In the logistics industry, IoT is becoming a very big part. Therefore, this provides the necessary tools to handle all logistics services from remote locations. Ensuring proper cargo handling, assessing risk, and predicting traffic/weather details. The regular and uninterrupted flow of data help in organizing and planning trips in real time. 

The combination of IoT with blockchain provides a potent tool for fulfilling any logistic requirement. IoT is transforming the traditional way of managing logistics. In near future, however, there will be robots sending instructions about the delivery/pickup details. Sending alerts for replenishing stock or the absence of drivers is mostly automated. 


TMS is becoming popular nowadays because all the technologies and software require a central control station. This acts as the primary place from where all the operations are remotely handled. Also, optimizing routes and managing carriers are a part of this system. Utilize TMS  for real-time tracking, lowering logistics expenses, and enhancing customer satisfaction. 


A majority of the logistic companies were not fully prepared for this transformation. However, the pandemic forcefully brought about this change. Nowadays almost all logistics companies are scampering toward implementing these technologies. 

The competition between the different logistics companies is also contributing to these updates. The top 10 logistics companies in USA are the ones that successfully implemented these technologies a long time ago. This is because they have been regularly updating their software to always stay up-to-date. 

VO Logistics has been implementing these changes and keeping the work environment up-to-date. This is the reason the company ranks among the top logistics companies in the USA.