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How To Transport Heavy Machinery And Goods Without Damage

heavy machinery and goods shifting services

Transportation of heavy machinery and goods is not a simple process. This process should not consume a lot of time and at the same time be affordable. There should be no damage to the machinery and goods in the shifting process. 

It is always better to seek professional help for heavy machinery and goods shifting services. VO Logistics has a reputation for fulfilling such loads. The experienced team completes all transport with the utmost care, minimizing any kind of damage to the products. 

Heavy machinery is mostly shaped absurdly. This means that there are very few possibilities to pack them in containers. There are huge outdoor machines such as bulldozers, harvesters, etc. It is difficult to lift or move them easily. Transporting all such machines is the biggest challenge for logistics companies. 


Transporting heavy machinery and goods requires a lot of planning. This is not an on-spot process. The better the planning, the easier the transport process. The planning process consists of 2 portions – 

1. Prechecks – 

The first step is to consider if the machines that require transportation fall under any regulations. Failure to follow guidelines may result in penalties and other dangers. Consider the size of the load, and the type of transport required. Check for the routes for tolls and other limits. 

Another important pre-requisite is the availability of a track to fulfill the transport. When working with a third party to transport loads, make sure the carrier has the required load-carrying capacity. Check for the registration or license certificates from the carrier trucks. This will ensure that the transport process is not delayed.

After commencing with the planning and prerequisites, start the packaging process. Before commencing the package, clean the equipment and disable all safety alarms. Remember to click a few pics for identification as well as for assessing any damages.

2. Packing and mounting – 

The process of packing heavy machinery and goods is a complicated task. It is not possible to pack them in containers. However, if they are not protected, then damages during transit are imminent. 

Hybrid boxes provide maximum support and protection when packing heavy machinery. Securing the load to the trailer is important. It is necessary to fulfill the DOT minimum force requirements while mounting the load. Using 4 tie-downs makes the load highly secure. 

Additionally, the machinery or the goods can be further covered with a tarp. Make sure the tarp is also secured properly. The tarp should not have any loose or flying edges. The tarp prevents dust or damage due to the environment upon the machinery. 

After securely mounting the machinery, make sure that the driver’s view is not affected. There should not be any hindrance to the accessibility of the driver. Entering and exiting the vehicle as well the access to crucial parts of the vehicle should be free. This will ensure the smooth transport of the machinery. 


Prechecks, packing, and mounting do not finish the process. Transporting the machine and goods carefully on the trailer also is a major concern. This is where the experience of the driver comes in. An experienced driver ensures the timely and safe transport of the machinery. This is further enabled when the backend team is strong enough and capable to handle situations. 

When transporting heavy machinery there is a huge sum of money at stake. The machinery should reach the destination on time. There should be no damage as well. Finding the right transporter may sometimes be a daunting task. Below listed are the primary requirements you must look for in a transporter. 

Vast experience – The transporters that have vast experience will be able to accomplish safe transports. Although new companies would also perform well, a company having experience is always better. 

Additional services – Certain companies provide additional services like packing. Services like dismantling and reassembling are also provided by certain companies. 

Insurance and license – Verifying if the company has insurance coverage and a license provide multiple advantages. In case of an accident, this insurance cover will save you from liability even if the driver or the trailer face injury. 


The safe transport of heavy machinery and goods depends on various factors. If the company undertaking this process has a lot of experience to handle this load, then the process becomes effortless. 

With more than a decade of experience, VO Logistics provides you with smooth transport for machinery. We provide multiple options as per the load requirement. Planning of professional drivers along major routes is pre-planned so as to ensure the non-stop movement of goods. 

So the next time you plan to hire heavy machinery and goods shifting services, hire professional and experienced service providers for a hassle-free experience.