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VO Logistics provides advanced freight brokerage solutions tailored to seasonal demands, capacity spikes, and the ever-changing needs of the industry. Our team helps execute hundreds of daily loads and provides reliable transport options to shippers.

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Tracking & Dispatching

Tracking and dispatching management are very important parts of supply chain management and logistics. We provide a personalized and comprehensive set of services on tracking and management of your loads. We offer solutions for small businesses with two drivers to large enterprises with thousands of drivers.

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Rail / Inter-Modal

Rail/Intermodal transportation is a form of transportation that involves the movement of freight via railroad and by truck. Rail transportation is used for the long-haul segment of the distance. Local trucking (drayage) takes the trailer or container to the final destination.

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Cross Border Shipments

Cross-border shipping occurs when goods are transported from one country to another. We take care of cross-border shipments that go to Canada and Mexico. The task of tracking shipments across the Mexico-U.S. border and Canada -Mexico can be challenging. However, our team has all the tools to make the task easier.

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Drivers Payroll

Payroll for drivers is another service we provide to take a burden off your shoulders. Drivers can remain stress-free as they complete their tasks, the flow of payments never becomes an obstacle. We take care of driver HOS(Hour of service) stats, automated payments and do not let any mistake creep in that can result in any kind of violation.

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24x7 Back Office Support

Good service does not end after providing a solution; it continues until the customer is free from all problems and 100% satisfied. How can we stay comfortable if our client is in discomfort? As a result, we make sure that our clients won't have to worry about any issues at any time.

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Custom Clearance & Tax Planning

You must notify the relevant authorities when shipping freight from the USA to Canada or from Canada to the USA. Documentation may be required in physical or electronic form. There may be other government departments that require additional documentation, such as certificates, permits, and examinations, depending on the nature of the shipment.

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Billing & Accounting Task

Vo Logistics provides secure and error-free billing and accounting handling solutions. By automating payments, financial dispute management and support, insurance, and other dispatch-related billing & accounting tasks, we ensure timely & transparent reporting of your accounting and many other tasks without fail.

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Financial Dispute Management & Support

Generally, our processes are so smooth that clients don’t face any issues regarding financial transactions. However, if a rare incident occurs, we have the mechanism to support you to find the solution. You can remain stress-free since the whole process is full-proof. We have certified professionals to help you with all types of financial disputes.

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