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Logistics Customs Clearance & Tax Planning Services

Logistics Custom Clearance & Tax Planning

You must notify the relevant authorities when shipping freight from the USA to Canada or from Canada to the USA. Documentation may be required in physical or electronic form. There may be other government departments that require additional documentation, such as certificates, permits, and examinations, depending on the nature of the shipment. For these scenarios, you can turn to VO Logistics custom clearance services. Our expertise and knowledge in customs clearance for cross-border shipping make the process seamless.Moreover, tax planning is very important for businesses that are into freight moving, specifically in cross-border product movement. There are a number of provisions in the U.S. federal income tax code that deal specifically with income arising from domestic trades and international transportation activities. These can prove to be a complex set of stipulations to deal with and you wouldn’t want to get caught up in any type of violation. No need to worry! VO Logistics expert Custom Clearance & Tax Planning professionals are always available to take care of all processes.