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We provide Best Supply Chain Services in USA and have extensive know-how of green supply chain management and logistics with our unique SupplyChain solution. Do you know what supply chain management is? As a result of the supply chain management strategy, raw materials are transformed into finished goods and all processes necessary to accomplish that are managed. At Virtual Oplossing Logistics, we ensure that shipments are sent at the right time so that supply chains are optimized to the fullest. But are you aware of the fact that supply chain and logistics are a bit different from each other?

Is Supply Chain and Logistics the same?

Logistics and Supply Chain Management differ primarily in that Logistics management is the integration, maintenance (flow, storage) of goods in an organization, whereas Supply Chain Management is the coordination, management (movement) of an organization's supply chains.

The Supply Chain Manager manages the logistics related to all aspects of our supply chain, which includes the following five elements:

  • The plan and the strategy
  • The source of raw materials or services
  • Manufacturing process focusing on productivity and efficiency
  • Delivery and logistics
  • The return system for defective or unwanted products

With our Hybrid Inventory Software System, we at VO logistics provide the Best Supply Chain Management Services. We are your all-in-one logistic partner available 24/7 at your service to provide pocket-friendly logistics solutions. Get in touch now!

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