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VO Logistics provides advanced freight brokerage solutions to meet seasonal demands, capacity surges, and ever-changing challenges. Our team executes hundreds of daily loads and provides reliable transport options, so you never stop moving.

We make sure that there is no gap of communication between shipper & dispatcher, adherence to compliance is always met & issues remain at bay all the time. In the meanwhile, deals go through smoothly where shipper & dispatcher both feel happy & satisfied.

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Providing VO Logistics Services

Specialized Heavy Haul

Heavy truck hauling has a significant impact on the trucking industry. Vo Logistics understands the expected demands and delivers on all counts to fulfill your requirements. When someone needs to transport large equipment such as large machinery, or vehicles, it is preferable to avoid the risk of damage. Often, it is used to transport large equipment that requires careful handling. Vo Logistics provides specialized hauling services within the USA and Canada that can handle oversized, heavy, or shaped freight at affordable rates.

Flatbeds/Step decks

Vo logistics also find the best route to carry extra tall freight, so that your goods reach their destinations on time. In addition, real-time tracking and 24x7 customer service are also available. Our safety standards are superior to those of our competitors. Unlike other step deck trucking companies, we maintain a high level of safety protocol. Every aspect of our philosophy revolves around safety - for our employees, customers, and especially for our drivers. By working with us, you can feel confident that your cargo is safe.

Dry vans

VO Logistics have a large network of carriers that can meet all your dry van logistics and delivery needs, including cargo van shipping and delivery. Dry vans are an important part of our offering. The freight remains safe in the enclosed environment of our specialized enclosed trailers. Throughout the United States and Canada, we provide customized dry van ground transportation solutions for commercial and non-commercial goods.


Reefers are like dry vans in shape and size but they provide refrigeration features in them. Vo Logistics specialize in products that require a temperature-controlled environment. To provide the best possible customer and driver experience, we use the latest equipment, software technologies, and top of the line reefers vans. Our professionals handle any temperature-controlled shipment our customers need, from regular freight to challenging multi-drop shipments. Whatever your needs may be, whether you need high-cube trailers, swing-doors, or roll-up doors, we won't disappoint. Our professionals utilize the most reliable temperature-controlled equipment available. We can thus provide you with customized solutions that are as cost-effective as possible and can snake you stress-free during the freight movement process.

Container Drayage

Container drayage is the method of moving cargo of containerized shipments. In most cases, this is done by truck over a short distance, such as from a port to a rail hub or a warehouse to a final destination. It bridges the gap between modes of intermodal transportation. Vo Logistics provides you with full fledge container drayage solutions that include:

  • Door-to-door drayage
  • Expedited drayage:
  • Shuttle drayage:
  • Inter-carrier drayage:
  • Intra-carrier drayage
  • Pier drayage

If you need to move oil, liquid, or hazardous liquid material within cities, from port to the city or from city to the port, we can help you. VO logistics has expertise solutions to move liquids materials like paint, oil, or commodities like milk via tanker transportation services across the USA and Canada. We offer you both insulated and non-insulated tank truck freight movement options. We have solutions that can take care of most of the expected requirements and deliver the freight on time securely without any trouble. You can rely on our fully scalable freight management and brokerage services so that you can focus on customer service and branding challenges as well as quality control for your products.