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Rail / Inter-Modal

Freight Rail & Intermodal Transport

Rail/Intermodal transportation is a form of transportation that involves the movement of freight via railroad and by truck. Rail transportation is used for the long-haul segment of the distance. Local trucking (drayage) takes the trailer or container to the final destination. The rail/intermodal shipping industry moves about 25 million containers each year in North America. Intermodal/rail can be a reliable option when you are someone who ships LTL several times a week to the same destination. Furthermore, intermodal shipping by rail is over twice as fuel-efficient as trucking. In one gallon of fuel, one ton of freight can be transported over 400 miles by rail. Moreover, rail/intermodal can assist you with logistics in cases of the nonavailability of trucks. Additionally, rail/intermodal helps minimize your company’s carbon footprint.

In North America, rail dominates intermodal transport, so we have close working relationships with all major railroads (BNSF, Canadian National, Union Pacific, Norfolk Southern, CSX, Canadian Pacific,). Tracking via satellite provides total visibility and real-time monitoring, and the latest security measures ensure the safety and security of your loads.