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Trucking Logistics Services

Truckload logistics started gaining popularity in the 1940s. With progression in time, the truckloads gained popularity. This is because of the ease with which they improved logistics. 

Trucking logistics services are highly useful not only for large companies but also for medium and small-scale businesses. The primary quality of a business is generally determined by the timely availability of products. There are different type of truckload that depends on the type of goods that require transport. 

VO Logistics performs like an extension of your arm. With ample experience, our team carefully plans each transport. This ensures minimum damage as well as timely deliveries. The planning and routing team also helps in selecting the optimum type of truckload. 


There are various types of truckloads to choose from. They all vary on the basis of the requirement. The most common types are – 

  • Full Truckload (FTL) – This is generally preferred for moving a single type of product in large quantities. This load occupies one full trailer. The shipment is generally addressed to one particular destination.
  • Less than Truckload (LTL) – This load consists of multiple products from multiple businesses. This happens when the load from individual companies is not big enough to occupy the entire trailer. There are multiple pickup and drop points on this route. This is one of the most affordable types of truck transport. 
  • Partial Truckload (PT) –  The only difference between LTL and PT is the dedicated truck. The booking is dependent on volume, and may even include loads that fill only a small portion of the truck. Oversized, refrigerated, and hazardous loads are examples of this type of load. 
  • Truckload (TL) – These include refrigerated or unsymmetrical loads. Some loads may not even fit in a truck and may require a flatbed. Although this type of transport would cost more than the other types of transport, the delivery time is short. This is because there would not be any truck transfer during the transport. 
  • Air ride Truckload – This is also a specialized transport system. This type of transport is only used for transporting delicate items. The air suspension in the trucks provides a smooth ride in comparison to standard trucks. This is quite expensive and not used often. 


Although it is possible to operate trucking services without an agent, there are multiple advantages to having a service provider. This would reduce the hassles of transport. The primary reasons for hiring logistic services are – 

  • Trucking routes – Only professional and experienced logistics service providers can map out the best routes for transport. The routing process not only keeps the transport under schedule but also saves on time and fuel. 
  • Equipment – Different products may require different logistics conditions. A service provider would be able to analyze this better. This will help in selecting the best suitable transport for that particular transport. 
  • Quicker delivery – The service provider would be able to organize swifter deliveries. This is possible by optimizing the routes, traffic, and loading & unloading intervals. 


The logistics industry is always burdened with a lot of challenges. It is therefore imperative for service providers to look for ways to solve them. The biggest challenges in the present scenario are – 

  • Transport cost – The cost to transport products is increasing exponentially. Even in small industries, this comprises the biggest overhead expense. In 2019, the expenditure on transport was more than $1.5 trillion. 
  • Fuel prices – Fuel prices are continuously skyrocketing. There are delays due to a shortage of fuel for vehicles. This challenge can be overcome by applying route optimization and consolidating shipments.
  • Shortage of drivers – Not enough drivers comprise a major problem. There was a shortage of about 50,000 drivers in 2018 when the economy was booming. Post-pandemic, the deficit is now more than 300,000 drivers. The only way to overcome the problem is by route optimization. Intensive planning with the available equipment and drivers helps in temporarily solving the problems.
  • Government Regulations – Covid lockdown and Rexit have come suddenly. This has led to a massive imbalance in the political situation. Resulting in a direct impact on the logistics industry.

With all such challenges looming darkly, there is a need for thinking out of the box. This is not a simple process. But with regular updates trucking logistics has the potential to become one of the most favorable transport systems. 


Trucking logistics services are one of the most frequently used types of transport. This is because the truckloads provide a lot of customization options. The efficiency and the cost-effectiveness of this mode make this a favorable means of transport. 

VO Logistics has experienced staff who can provide you with logistics support around the clock. With multiple options for transporting and a large fleet, all your requirements are fulfilled to the utmost satisfaction.